Mark H√ľnermund Jensen

My promise

During the summer of 2016, I dived into the fundraising world, having never tried it before and with no expectations. I set out with one reason, but ended up fulfilling two promises.

The fundraiser set sail with a simple goal: For every 500 DKK raised (equivalent of 67 EUR or 75 USD at the time of this writing) I would compose 1 minute of orchestral music.

Listen while reading?


15 years ago my mom adopted a puppy named Nero (pictured), via an animal rescue organization dedicated to saving abused animals.

For years, and even today, you can see that his personality is shaped and molded by the abusive life he had before he came into our family. You couldn't even raise your hand to throw a ball for him, without seeing him cringing his eyes, fearing he was about to get beaten.

When my mother got sick in early 2012, I took care of Nero "temporarily", but eventually I adopted him for good, when she passed away on August 11, the same year - and I came to know Nero even better than I ever had before, and that sparked a motivation for me to make as much of a difference as I possibly could.

That's how my journey into animal welfare started.


The fundraiser ended at the beginning of August, after which I dived into the composing process.

After a week's time, I realized that this particular project could be my shot to finally create something in my mother's memory; Something I had failed to do for the four years up until 2016. With around a week left until August 11, I dedicated all available time to try and finish the track.

The track released - after an intense uphill composing battle - on the morning of August 11. And I had not only fulfilled the promise to the amazing people who donated to the fundraiser, but I was also finally able to dedicate something meaningful to my mom.


WWF International
WWF Denmark
WWF Denmark at BetterNow

SoundCloud (Download available)
Newgrounds (Download available)

The music is released under a limited, open license.