Austria is a landlocked, mountainous country in Central Europe. It's home to around 8 million people.

Innsbruck was probably my favorite part of the European segment of my journey. Despite being a popular ski resort and two-times host of the winter olympics, relatively little is known by the outside world about Austria's fifth largest city. It's 120,000 strong population lives in a valley surrounded by scenic mountains.

Pros & cons

Walkable city
Amazing hiking routes
Winter sports heaven
Weather can be very unpredictable
Accommodation can be quite expensive


  • Austrians might get offended if thought of as "South Germany". Austria is a distinct and different country from Germany, with a different culture.
  • The Heil-salute associated with Adolf Hitler is still in non-associated, friendly use in parts of Austria.
  • If you know German language you can get by easily in Austria. But some words are different, and especially in the mountainous regions dialects vary a lot.