Austria is a landlocked, mountainous country in Central Europe. It's home to around 8 million people.

Seefeld is a charming, alpine town surrounded by mountains and hills. The village is home to only a few thousand residents, but welcomes thousands upon thousands of tourists annually.

Pros & cons

Charming and relaxing atmosphere
Wintersports haven
Many shopping opportunities for such a small town
Walkable town
Beautiful surroundings
Many hiking routes in the area
Many hotels and tourists compared to its size
Unpredictable weather
Not much to do, unless you come for atmosphere, winter sports or hiking


  • Austrians might get offended if thought of as "South Germany". Austria is a distinct and different country from Germany, with a different culture.
  • The Heil-salute associated with Adolf Hitler is still in non-associated, friendly use in parts of Austria.
  • If you know German language you can get by easily in Austria. But some words are different, and especially in the mountainous regions dialects vary a lot.