Denmark is a Scandinavian and Nordic country, known for LEGO, "hygge", vikings, high taxes and happiness. It is a founding member of UN and NATO, and has very strong diplomatic ties all around the world. Greeland and Faroe Islands belong under the Kingdom of Denmark.

Copenhagen is the capital and biggest city of Denmark. In Copenhagen you will find world-renowned modern architecture side-by-side to historical streets, castles, sights and buildings. Copenhagen\'s vibrant culture and atmosphere leave most travellers smitten and with urga to come back. You can easily walk the city or make use of the public transport system, which is not only green and sustainable, but on multiple occassions taking place the best in the world.

Pros & cons

Walkable city
Amusement parks, like Tivoli and Bakken
Former viking capital Roskilde is only 30 minutes away by train
Very efficient public transport system
Very family-friendly city
Rain and high humidity in summer are very likely.
Winters can get really cold, and chances of snow - especially from January to March - are high.
Very expensive in anything from accommodation to living costs


  • Proficiency in English is among the highest in the world. Today it is taught since 1st grade. However, the eldest generation may not be able to speak English. They might know German, though.
  • In traffic, you must pay as much attention to bikes as to cars.