Estonia is the most northern of the Baltic countries. 1.3 million people call it home. Around a quarter of these are Russians. Estonia has close ties to the Nordic countries and its Baltic neighbours of Latvia and Lithuania.

Tallinn is more correctly addressed as the capital of medieval themes than the capital of Estonia. It's a super cool city to immerse yourself in the compact, well-preserved, historical Old Town.

Pros & cons

Walkable city
Well-preserved history
Great for immersive, medieval atmosphere
In the summer it's never really dark
The tap water in some parts of town has a somewhat bad taste
Probably only has activities for a few days


  • Estonians are very punctual. You are expected to arrive on time, and if you don't, you it's customary to apologize (and mean it!)
  • Haggling is considered disrespectful.
  • World War 2 is still a sensitive subject to many Estonians. Treat it respectfully.
  • Relations with Russia and association with USSR should also be treated with care.