Visas, borders and laws

A crash course in Scandinavia

Scandinavia is one of the most successful regions in the world. Let's explore what's up and down

Navigating the visa jungle

There's not a one-size-fits-all answer to visas, so here's a guide to how you navigate the jungle

Travel guides

Tackle fear of flying

In Soviet Russia, flying fears you

Seoul Metro cheat sheet

A collection of tips I would've loved to know when I first stepped onto the metro in Seoul

Watching e-sport in Seoul

Seoul is the e-sport capital of the world. Even if you're not really into video games, it's quite an experience

How to travel the Trans-Siberian

I was on three different trains on my journey across Russia, and this is what I took away from it.



What exactly are vaccines good for? What's a vaccine passport? Are vaccines required?

Gray Man Theory

Blending into a crowd - or better yet, becoming "invisible" - is a great protection.

Travel style and transport

Being a good Airbnb guest

Take your Airbnb'ing to the next level with a little effort and simple tips.

Being a good hostel guest

These are my 50 cents on how to be a great hostel guest that fellow travellers will simply just love.

Bussing Europe

I travelled around Europe for two months by bus. Here's what I learned.

The nightbus - is it worth it?

On paper the night bus is a smart money-saver. But it bundles many downsides.

Hiking from town to town

Hiking from town to town is fun and challenging. Here's what's good to know!

Mentality and wellbeing


If you never fail, you're probably sitting too comfortably in your protective bubble.


Much like failures, loneliness cannot be avoided. Make the best of it.


Cyrillic alphabet

With a few hours of practice you can find your way in countries using cyrlllic script.

Useful services and products

Revolut credit card

Revolut is a sublime solution for saving money and staying a little more safe on the road