Being a good Hostel guest

A quick guide

Hostels are a people lottery. You throw yourself into a room with strangers, and either they're awesome or they're sacks of shits. And that's that. But here's the question: Do you want to be awesome or the sack of shit? If you strive to be awesome I've gathered a couple of tips!


It's usually easy to have a great time at hostels
The key ingredient to socializing in a hostel is: feel the room!

Most hostel guests are social creatures - they will ask where you're from, learn a swear word or two in your language, and maybe even ask you out for a beer. But then there's the ones who don't socialize, and there's also those who didn't really realize what they went into.

In Vienna there was a guest, who kept telling everyone to shut off their phones. Almost like he was waiting for someone to "make the mistake", he was locked and loaded. Don't be that guy. It's okay that people use their phones when others are sleeping. Bring a sleeping mask if that little light is a problem.

At night

At night we want silence!
You are free to come and go (usually) when you want, and you are free to be awake at night. But you can take some simple steps to make it easier for everyone. Just because it's a hostel, it doesn't mean you have to wake everybody up.

Also, take out the clothes and toiletteries you need in the morning, the day before. This way you avoid making a lot of hazzle in the morning as you go through your stuff.

Snoozing alarms

Oh, the horror! I think this one speaks for itself. Do not snooze your alarm over and over. It's very, very disrespectful to the other guests.

It's okay to set an alarm. But get up when it rings!


A sleeping dog, because why not?
This is definitely a debatable point, and not one I make lightly. There's of course the notion that everyone should be welcome in a hostel, and that the people who visit hostels are well aware of what it entails. If you know you snore heavily for long periods of the night, you might consider either finding a private room or a larger dormatory (10+ people) where this is expected. When you share a room with 4 to 8 people there is an unspoken consensus that you actually do not book yourself into such a room, because the close premises will definitely ruin the sleep for many of the other guests.

You are not forbidden, and everyone knows this is the risk you bear when you book a hostel. But we ask you to consider it.