Travel tips

Offline entertainment - legally


Spotify can download playlists on both desktop and smartphone. There is an upper limit to number of songs, but it's in the thousands.


At the time of this writing, Netflix can download a good portion of its portfolio on smartphone and Windows 10 app. Notice that you need the actual app, you cannot download from the browser. If you download long time prior to your trip, remember to check the downloaded titles a few days before your departure, as they may have expired. Normally, you can renew the title. Some titles are only available for a limited number of viewings. Pay attention to the orange warning icon when you open the app.

Video games

Have you ever tried playing Age of Empires 3 at 11km in the air? With games tied to your Steam account you can do just that.

Saving money

Find accommodation in walking distance to city center

When I arrive in a new city, I always try to find accommodation outside the center, but within walking distance. This way I save money, not only on cheaper accomodation, but I don't use money on public transport, unless absolutely necessary. You will need to balance this to your daily walking ability.

Social and budget balancing

I switch between private and shared rooms (or hostels). This is a super helpful, because I save money when I choose the shared options, but when I need to recharge I book a few days in a private room.

Extend Airbnb stays the right way

If you need to extend your stay via Airbnb, don't book the extra dates the normal way, instead go to your onversation with the host, and choose the option to change the booking. This way you avoid pacying the cleaning fee twice.

0% exchange commission is a scam

Be very careful with currency exchange offices. The "0% commission" is a lie. Not just with travel, but in life in general, always ask yourself "how does this company make a profit?" The trick with the 0% commission is that surely there's no visible commission, but they earn their money by artificially increase the exchange rate in their favor. I've heard stories of offices charging up to 30-40% over the actual exchange rate. It's fair they are paid a fee for the exchange, but always compare the rate they offer to actual rates, for instance from, and decide whether it's something you find fair. Also beware, that the rate shown on the street may differ from the actual rate presented to you in the office. Do not accept, until you've verified the rate to your expectations.

Navigation and planning

Terrian mode for hikers

Google Maps has a "terrain mode" that let's you see altitudes of hills, mountains and terrain. To enable it on mobile, click the layers icon and click the terrain icon. On desktop, click on the burger menu, then enable terrain mode from there.