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A little about a freelance writer

Some of us travel because our compass always points towards the unknown. We are drawn by the challenges that mold us, explorations that mesmerize us, and the people of the world that imprint life-long impressions.

Our world is comprised of a plethora of richess, that all too often is nothing but a background of an Instagram selfie. I want to see, feel, smell and taste the world's raw, unpolish authenticity. I want to unearth the beauty in its tragedies, and the tragedy hidden in beauty.

And I believe that makes me a writer that can offer something different.

What I do

Travel guides

Destinations, safety, coping or travel styles. Written for blogs or articles, in pretty much any language style.


For some reason, I'm very fond of sharing my embarassing lessons, such as the dog bite in Serbia.


I like putting my curiosity to good use! I've explored anything from Rabies immunization to Flat Earth Revolution.

Photos included for free

It's happy hour! My stockphotos are always included for free when I'm hired for freelance travel writing.

Many of my photos are also found on:


Do you like one of the pieces I already wrote? Do you even want to show it on your site? Wow, thank you, thank you!

This is normally free, as long as proper credits are given. In any case, let's talk it over via email.


Night bus - Worth the trouble?
Travel guide: What it's like to spend a night on the bus

Why Flat Earth?
Opinion: An investigative and perspectivating piece on why people are drawn into the Flat Earth Revolution.

Revolut credit card
Product guide: A cheaper and more secure solution for travelers and their money.

Learn from my Rabies scare
Storytelling: A look back at my incident in Belgrade


Depends on length and research required. But usually within a few days.


I want to be proud of my work.
And I'm not proud until my client is.

50% off the debut

I want to prove my worth before asking full price. It's only fair.